4 Things to Consider in Choosing Dog Food

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One of the things that must be considered in caring for a dog is paying attention to the food that PetLovers give him every day. Nutrient-rich dog food is of course very important for maintaining health and improving the quality of life.

It is important to understand that each breed of dog has different nutritional needs. Below are some important things to consider when choosing dog food. You can try to use from Reico products

1. Adjust Dog Food according to Age

In choosing dog food, PetLovers need to adjust to their age because at this stage of their life they need different nutrients. This way PetLovers can ensure that your beloved dog gets the right nutrition.

2. Pay attention to the size of the dog

In choosing dog food, body size needs to be considered. Large breed dogs should be fed a diet that is higher in glucosamine to maintain healthy joints and has a larger kibble size than food for small dogs. Meanwhile, small breed dogs are given food with small kibble that adjusts to the size of their mouth and teeth. Small breed dogs also have a higher metabolism than large breed dogs, therefore a diet that is nutritionally adapted to the needs of small breed dogs is needed.

3. Pay attention to the dog’s activity level

Dogs who are active, groomed for competitions or help with human work usually tend to require more calories than pet dogs who usually only do physical activity such as occasional walking.

Pet Lovers can provide good nutritional food to maintain an ideal body weight. 

4. Pay attention to the nutritional needs of the food

Take a look, do PetLovers’ favorite dogs have a tendency to like certain foods or maybe have congenital conditions such as sensitive skin? Well, PetLovers also have to adjust the selected dog food to the dog’s condition, yes.

Do not forget to pay attention to the composition that is commonly seen on the packaging of dog food products. Make sure the main ingredient consists of meat that is written in the first section. Avoid dog foods that contain excessive amounts of soy, wheat, and corn.

Make sure if there are certain health conditions in dogs, PetLovers provide food that is formulated for their specific nutritional needs. In this way, the nutrients in PetLovers dog food can support optimal dog health.

Those were the things that PetLovers should pay attention to when choosing dog food. If you still have questions about dog food, PetLovers can also ask your veterinarian. As a recommendation, you can choose dog food from the Pro Plan. Products from the Pro Plan are also available according to several types, namely life stage, breed size , and the specific needs of PetLovers dogs.